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Dongguan Haiyuan water treatment Co. Ltd, has more than 10 years experiences in the filed of WATER TREATMENT .

Business scope:

Potable and industrial reverse osmosis system.

Deionized water system/machine/plant 

water filtration system/UF water purification plant

Water softener/ softener system

Borehole/Underground water treatment plant

Borehole water Iron/manganese remove system

River/Dam Water /surface water Clarifier   

Seawater desalination system

EDI Demineralized Water Treatment Plant

Domestic Sewage treatment plant 

Recycle water treatment plant for waster reuse.



For choosing the right item for you, could you please tell us the following detail:

1.Where is the source water? Make water analysis report? (eg.borehole water, river water. The total dissolved solid, Fe, Mg, Hardness etc whether over proof).

2. How many liters of output water per hour do you required?

3.After treatment, What is the water quality requirements or standard? Meeting WHO standard or directly drinking or other purpose .

We asked above questions just want to do the right solution for you then can save your money.

 Any further questions, please do not hesitate to inform us!


 Dongguan Haiyuan Water Treatment Co,Ltd.

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