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SiBangShi medical water purification equipment

Take care of the old man, warm countryside activities, let's focus on the elderly health. Tianjin SiBangShi biotechnology company main products are old disposable brush bath (let the old man lay a bath), maternal disposable brush bath and other inconvenient into groups such as disposable brush. SiBangShi biological technology co., LTD. We are tianjin provide laboratory water purification equipment, equipment tianjin authorities tested, 2010 edition of China pharmacopoeia purified water standard. Has been put into use. Consultation SiBangShi company product, please add the online consultation QQ: 97662542, telephone: 86-022-26839124; Purified water equipment online consultation QQ: 2240852990, tel: (13929220970).

Tianjin SiBangShi biotechnology co., LTD., is specialized is engaged in, clean skin, disinfection health products research and development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises. Company since its inception, is committed to develop in line with international standards, leading the international trend of science and technology of the cleaning and disinfection of the skin care products, existing SiBangShi series products to market. Company introduction of NASAAdvanced aerospace disposable technology, combined with the characteristics of Oriental skin was developed successfully used conform to the Oriental human body from water bath. Products are mainly components in protein nonionic surface active agent, with broad spectrum antimicrobial, fungicide, aromatic essential oil, etc. Can thoroughly clean the skin surface of staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, such as white read aureus, effectively prevent a variety of pathogenic bacteria on the body and skin.

SiBangShi in China the development and management of personal skin cleaning and disinfection of the free care series products, has been the Chinese government health department inspection certification, completely solve the inconvenient bath the opt, sterilization of the crowd. Embodies the new concept of skin care.

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