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New energy company secondary RO + EDI + SMB ultrapure water equipment

In order to meet the requirements of new energy manufacturers of ultrapure water now, my company after many years of manufacturing experience, mainly adopts pure physical filtration membrane separation technology, green environmental protection electric desalination system with the classic essence of technology of the mixed bed. Simple said is the secondary RO + EDI, the SMB process. This process is now producing ultrapure water most science and technology of the latest model, the lowest energy consumption. My company is manufacture of the equipment, accurate to every detail in the process of manufacturing, each step operating and control system is designed according to the national standard, make the equipment has the best water quality and the lowest maintenance cost. This kit has the following characteristics 1. Continuous work, will not stop by regeneration; 2. No regeneration equipment and chemical storage and transportation; 3. Without regeneration, without acid and alkali waste water discharge; 4. Automatic operation, simple operation, low labor intensity; 5. Stable water rate, water production quality has the best stability, etc. Range of application in electronic level one, level 2 water, microelectronics industry, power industry, the pharmaceuticalCosmetics industry, biological engineering, chemical experiment, the new energy industry ultrapure water demand. Understand the EDI please click enter http://www.waterhy.net/product 228. HTML; Or consulting online technical personnel. 3 tons/hour ultrapure water equipment exhibition

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