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3T/H movebale Ultra-filtration(UF) equipment
3T/H movebale Ultra-filtration(UF) equipment's detail:

Abstract: ultrafiltration technology is a kind of membrane filtration technology ultrafiltration English Ultra - filtration commonly referred to as the UF in separation membrane area, and micro filter nanofiltration reverse osmosis, referred to as the four kinds of membrane separation technology

Application: ultrafiltration technology is used for the following aspects:

1) pure water ultrapure water applications

Industrial water primary purification water and the preparation of super pure water in RO pretreatment; The sea brackish water desalination pretreatment water ultrapure water terminal processing (such as electronic industry tube.

2) food beverage industry application

Drink water purification water clarification preparation juice clarification and separation with low white turbidity removal purification tube ultrapure water terminal processing food processing and marketable material of the recovery of protein remove or enrichment.

3) the application of environmental protection

The depth of the industrial waste water treatment cities and industrial sewage water reuse wastewater useful material of the recovery

4) the application of the pharmaceutical industry
Blood products separation and refined application sterile water and water for injection in addition to heat source

5) fermentation industry application

Biochemical fermentation medium separation and refined enzyme concentration and refined

Our company produces the purified water equipment, according to the raw water quality type to carry on the analysis, design the reasonable pretreatment system, in accordance with ultrafiltration system water requirements, then through ultrafiltration system, after treatment, ozone and ultraviolet radiation sterilization), the greatest degree of reserve beneficial minerals, water is the best choice.

parameter of apparatus

Water production rate: 3 t/H

Power: 2.1 KW

Filtration precision: 0.001 um

Output water TDS < 5 PPM

Maximum recovery: 90% - 98

Voltage: 380 v/fifty hz

Working temperature: 2-35

Design temperature: 25

Movable Equipment

Caigang watts shell

Automatic or manual operation

Epoxy carbon steel frame

PLC programming controller

The following table 1 ultrafiltration membrane water related parameters

influent water turbidity               <50NTU

maximum operating temperature             45℃
 Highest feed water pressure                   0.3Mpa

 Bacteria removal rate                               >5log



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