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RO water treatment plant for medical/pharmaceuticalRO water treatment plant for medical/pharmaceutical application for pharmaceutical
RO water treatment plant for medical/pharmaceutical's detail:

 Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant  for pharmaceutical

1. Design basic

Raw water quality analysis report of client:

01. pH: 6.83

02. Total Hardness (EDTA) as CaCO3: 99.0 mg/L

03. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 121 mg/L

04. Chloride: 6.08 mg/L

05. Conductivity: 254.0 micro Simens/cm

06. Iron: 0.17 mg/L

07. Total coliforms: 75 CFU/100 mL

Output pure water quality can reach direct drinking requirement.

01. Capacity: 500 L/hr (Final output)

02. Appearance: Clear

03. Color: Colorless

04. pH: 5.0-7.0

05. Turbidity: 0.45 NTU06. Conductivity: < 1.1 µS/cm at 20ºC; 1.3 µS/cm at 25ºC

07. Acidity or Alkalinity (mg/L): Must meet

08. Oxidisable Substances: Absent

09. Chlorides (mg/L as Cl): Absent

10. Sulphate (mg/L): Absent

11. Ammonium: NMT 0.2 ppm

12. Aluminium: NMT 10 ppb

13. Ca & Mg (mg/L): Absent

14. Residual of Evaporation: Max. 0.001%

15. Nitrate NO3: NMT 0.2 mg/L

16. Total Organic Carbon (TOC): NMT 0.5 mg/L

17. Heavy Metal: Max. 0.1 ppm

18. Microbial Contamination: NMT 100.0  

Water temperature2—45℃

Voltage and Frequency: 230V or 400V 3 phase

Recovery rate:1st RO 60~70%,2nd 80%, EDI 90%~95%.

Inflow water capacity: 2m3/H

2 stages RO system+EDI

All material use SS316 material

2. Client should supply basic condition

Plant size:6m*1.2m*1.8m, required floor smooth, floor ground should have drain trench.

Site water supply ability bigger 2m3/h. Water quality basic steady pressure steady

All storage tanks. User power supply: 6KW

3.Control method:

Whole system use PLC full/semi automatically control model, both model can be exchanged accordingly. Sand&Carbon filter with auto and manual back flush.The RO system automatic flushing at each startup and shutdown. High water level auto stop, low water level auto start. Pump protected without water.Protected when no power, poor power, larger electrical current, leakage, short circuit.Two pumps, one for backup(when another fault). Warning Voice alarms when anomalous water level/pressure.


Two-stage RO water treatment, Permeat reaches HDF water requirements.

Bacteria& endotoxin removable rate: 99.8%.

Ion removal rate: 99.5%.          Recovery rate: 65%-85%.

EDI system can more deep remove the conductive ions reach pharmaceutical using water standards.

Sand&Carbon filter connection pipes u using SUS316 piping.

5.Process flow

Raw tank →Feed water pump →sands filter → active carbon filter →duplex water softener →Cartridge filter→1st stage high-pressure pump →1st stage RO system→PH adjust system →1st stage RO water tank→2nd stage high-pressure pump→2nd stage RO system→2nd RO water tank→De Gasser→EDI booster pump →UV sterilization →membrane filter→ EDI system →EDI product tank →outlet water→UV sterilization →membrane filter

6. Whole process introduction

1. Raw water tank

Function With high, low water level control. Regulating  water supply to the system, to prevent the effects of water insufficient, effective protect the work of raw water pump.

2. Feed water pump

FunctionProvide power for the pretreatment system’s normal work, with high overheat protector, pressure controller. Failure alarm.

3. Sand filter


FunctionUsing quartz sand of different particle size of multilayer to remove larger suspended solids, sand, impurity etc.

Features The tank is made of fiberglass steel, anti-acid and anti-alkali corrosion.

4. Active carbon filter

Function  The special water purification used active carbon filter effective adsorb organic substances in raw water, free residual chlorine, colloid, particles, microorganisms, some metal ions ect.

FeaturesThe tank is made of fiberglass steel, anti-acid and anti-alkali corrosion.

5. water softener(duplex water softener)

Functionused in front of UF or RO device, with the function of reduce or remove Ca2+Mg2+ ionic , extend reverse osmosis system happen inorganic salt scaling time, to protect reverse osmosis membrane system.

6. Cartridge filter

Remove more tiny impurities, prevent resin leakage, effective protect RO membrane.

Features SS-304 material

7RO System

1st High press pump

FunctionProvide power for the 1st RO membrane normal work, with high overheat protector, pressure controller. Failure alarm.

1st RO pure water tank

FunctionBuffer for entering RO

2nd High press pump

FunctionProvide power for the 2nd RO membrane normal work, with high overheat protector, pressure controller. Failure alarm.

PH adjust system& PH On-line detecting

Functionadjust the PH

2nd RO pure water tank    

8. De Gasser

FunctionRemove the TOC in the water

controller. Failure alarm.

9. EDI Feed water pump

FunctionProvide power for the EDI system’s normal work, with high overheat protector, pressure controller. Failure alarm.

9UV sterilization      FunctionKill the residual bacteria in water

10PP Filter                    FunctionFilter out the residual bacterial. Protect EDI can’t be contaminated.

11. EDI System     Deeper remove conductive ion.

12. EDI water tank

FunctionStore EDI capacity water, equipped with stainless steel bracket and a water level controller. When the water level drops, the front-end system operate automatically, when there is any shortage of water in RO pure water tank, the back-end hybrid switching system will automatically stop, ensure the whole  system automatic control, humanized design.

15UV  sterilizer         FunctionKill the residual bacteria in water

Function:The water carbohydrate ultraviolet carbon interrupted at a sufficient radiation dose, most of the organic matter is decomposed into H2O and CO2. Its remaining substances could be adsorbed and decomposed subsequent device!

16Membrane Filter                 FunctionFilter out residual impurity.Ensure the final outlet water is best clean water.


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